Thousands of Heart Defibrillators Rolled Out Across NZ Sports Clubs

defibrillators for sports clubs
Youth soccer coach Geoff Brogan wouldn't still be alive if it wasn't for a heart defibrillator. When he collapsed with a heart attack recently during a friendly game, he was revived by his team mates with the help of a nearby AED. Now, Brogan is featuring in a video made as part of a programme to roll out thousands of heart defibrillators to football clubs around NZ. AEDs shock the heart b

17 Year Old's Basic First Aid Knowledge Pays Dividends

basic CPR course
17-year-old Rotorua student, Jaide Neilson was able to put the skills she learned at a first aid course into practice when a real medical emergency played out right in front of her. Not all of us would know what to do in an emergency situation beyond making a call to 111. Fortunately, there are people who have completed first aid training like Jaide Neilson around. When a Japanese tourist was h

New Zealand Resuscitation Council Backs AEDs in the Workplace

Workplace AEDs
Three years ago, staff from the Bunnings' Dunedin store social club raised funds to pay for an automated external defibrillator (AED) to be installed, after one of their colleagues died from a heart condition. The AED was recently removed at Bunnings management’s request, citing company policy. The company's New Zealand marketing manager Valerie Staley said the Dunedin team had been asked

Child's Life Spared With CPR

CPR course
Nathan Trent trained as a forestry worker - which is where he learned his first aid skills. The Kaitaia father wasn't to know just how valuable those skills would be until the day he saved his daughter's life by using CPR.  When Trent found his 14-month-old daughter Natalee unconscious in a flood-swollen pond, his training kicked in and he was able to use CPR to keep his daughter alive unt

St John Distributes 170 Defibrillators into NZ Community

defibrillators nz
Until recently, your local bank may not have been the first place you could expect to find lifesaving technology. Now, thanks to St John and ASB, you can not only apply for a home loan or withdraw your money at an ASB branch but in a cardiac emergency it's the place to go to quickly find a defibrillator. Of the approximately 38 cardiac arrests a week in New Zealand, around 11 are resuscitated,

Importance of First Aid Training for Employees

first aid courses for businesses
Knowing first aid is essential. More people would still be alive if we all knew a few emergency treatment techniques. Most of the time giving first aid is about dealing with minor injuries and preventing them from getting worse. But it can also mean trying to keep someone alive until professional help arrives.  How well prepared would you be to deal with a serious accident? How would you r

Importance of Maintaining your First Aid Kit

first aid kits nz
First Aid kits can save lives. Having a first aid kit is the first step to being prepared for a medical emergency but it's only by keeping your first aid kit well maintained and properly stocked that you can enjoy peace of mind. It's easy to buy a kit, put it away in a safe place, and forget about it. After all, most of us never really think we're going to need them. However, when first aid ite

Calls for Defibrillators to be added to Popular Walking Tracks

buy defibrillator
There have been calls for defibrillators to be added to popular walking tracks following the death of school teacher Derek Bunting on a Kapiti walkway recently. Off-duty nurses made unsuccessful attempts to save Bunting by performing CPR while a Wellington man Ryan, held his head in his arms. Ryan, who watched the tramper collapse on the Escarpment Track, and has a background in health and safe

Auckland Man Credits First Aid Course

first aid courses
When Lynne Marshall fell three metres and split her head open, she was lucky the stranger who rushed to her aid had completed a first aid course and knew the right things to do. 24-year-old Charlie McNaughton and his flatmates were walking at Takapuna Beach when they heard Ms Marshall's 8-year-old daughter scream. Mr McNaughton credits a two-day first aid course for knowing what to do next. M

New Phone App Helps Locate Defibrillators

defibrillator locator app
Finding a defibrillator quickly can mean the difference between life and death. Now, thanks to smart technology, saving a life could be as easy as checking on your phone. A new free phone app called AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Locations uses GPS to track your location and find the nearest automated external defibrillator. The app helped save the life of a woman in Nelson recently whe

Why Every Home Should Have a First Aid Kit

buy first aid kit
Every home should have a first aid kit. From less severe illnesses to more serious injuries, the supplies in a first aid kit can help provide immediate treatment. Central location When an accident happens, the stress and anxiety can make it hard to focus on the most simple of tasks. As long as you ensure everyone knows where it is kept, containing all the essential medical supplies in one l
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