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9th Jul 2016

Child's Life Spared With CPR

Nathan Trent trained as a forestry worker - which is where he learned his first aid skills. The Kaitaia father wasn't to know just how valuable those skills would be until the day he saved his daughter's life by using CPR. 

When Trent found his 14-month-old daughter Natalee unconscious in a flood-swollen pond, his training kicked in and he was able to use CPR to keep his daughter alive until a paramedic arrived. 

Natalee's recovery was long and slow. She spent the first nine days in an induced coma, was in hospital for 36 days and needed daily help from a range of specialists. She had to re-learn crawling and walking.

Mum Michelle Trent, a nurse at Kaitaia Hospital said all families should have basic first aid training, including CPR. "Our miracle is that Natalee is thriving, has no brain damage, and has been successfully titrated off her anti-seizure medication," Mrs Trent said."Our reality could have been very different." 

Dr Sarah Clarke, clinical lead at Kaitaia Hospital said CPR training was essential in remote communities like Kaitaia so bystanders could help increase a patient's chance of survival.

Meditrain and Essential First Aid Supplies offer Childcare First Aid courses in Tauranga. Focused specifically on first aid for children, these courses are ideal for all those working within the Childcare Industry, including Kohanga Reo, Early Childhood Centres and Kindergartens and meet the requirements of Worksafe NZ and the Department of Education. 

Knowing first aid is essential and could help save the lives of family, friends or students you're responsible for. Meditrain's comprehensive childcare first aid courses and CPR training are offered in Tauranga and Auckland and can also be completed on your site, or other areas if required. They also sell a range of CPR equipment online. Please get in touch with our first aid courses specialists today.

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