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7th Aug 2016

17 Year Old's Basic First Aid Knowledge Pays Dividends

17-year-old Rotorua student, Jaide Neilson was able to put the skills she learned at a first aid course into practice when a real medical emergency played out right in front of her. Not all of us would know what to do in an emergency situation beyond making a call to 111.

Fortunately, there are people who have completed first aid training like Jaide Neilson around. When a Japanese tourist was hit by a car outside her workplace, the teenager knew exactly what to do, successfully putting her first aid skills to the test.

Jaide said the skills she'd studied in the classroom meant she was able to make sure the man wasn't moved, and keep others calm until an ambulance arrived. Everyone should do a first-aid certificate she said. 

Jade's story goes to show, you never know when you might find yourself in a situation where others are depending on you. Those minutes before professional help arrives are often crucial and the ability to perform basic first aid skills could make all the difference one day.

Meditrain offers a range of first aid courses in Auckland, Rotorua, Tauranga. From basic first aid to childcare first aid, workplace first aid, defibrillator training and cpr basic life support courses, Meditrain courses could help you save a life when someone suffers a medical emergency.

Many of our Meditrain first aid courses meet the requirements of Worksafe NZ and are accredited for NZQA unit standards. They're also quick and easy to book online. We can offer basic first aid training that is tailor made to fit your industry requirements so don't hesitate to contact our Tauranga agent for more information.

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