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1st May 2016

Why Every Home Should Have a First Aid Kit

Every home should have a first aid kit. From less severe illnesses to more serious injuries, the supplies in a first aid kit can help provide immediate treatment.

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When an accident happens, the stress and anxiety can make it hard to focus on the most simple of tasks. As long as you ensure everyone knows where it is kept, containing all the essential medical supplies in one location in a first aid kit will help you provide treatment quickly, when it's most needed.


Accidents and illnesses can happen anywhere, anytime but fortunately first aid kits are portable! Whether it is an accident on the road or by a camping fire, being able to treat it before medical help arrives can make all the difference in the chances of recovery so it pays to take a kit with you on your holidays and outdoor adventures.


Having a first aid kit at home is helpful for any medical situation and it's particularly important as a source of essential emergency supplies. With a first aid kit you'll always have the right medical supplies to deal with the situation immediately; critical for saving time in an emergency.


A first aid kit should contain items such as bandages, gauze, medical tape, eye pads and irrigation solution, dressings, swabs, antiseptic wipes and plasters.

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